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Family-Friendly Hiking in Boulder City: River Mountains Loop Trail Adventures


A quaint town nestled close to Las Vegas, Boulder City has long been the perfect getaway for families. With a charming, relaxed vibe and a strong community spirit, it serves as the ideal backdrop for family outings and hiking excursions.

The River Mountains Loop Trail stands out as a family favorite. With its gentle inclines, flat stretches, and panoramic views, it's an oasis for families seeking adventure without too much strain. As you walk, you're not just hiking; you're creating memories that will last a lifetime.

At Desert Adventures, we understand the importance of quality family time, and our guided tours along the River Mountains Loop Trail offer an enriching experience for everyone. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the surrounding area as you traverse the well-maintained paths, taking in the breathtaking vistas and diverse wildlife that call this trail home. Our expert guides ensure a safe and enjoyable journey, providing insightful information about the area's history, geology, and flora and fauna.

Hiking Trail Highlights

Stretching over 35 miles around the scenic River Mountains, providing a picturesque backdrop to the cities of Las Vegas and Henderson, the River Mountains Loop Trail offers an expansive outdoor experience. A 12-foot wide paved trail, accompanied by an adjacent trail for equestrians covering approximately 15 miles, ensures an enjoyable journey for hikers and horseback riders alike. It's not uncommon to spot the impressive bighorn sheep, as the surrounding mountains harbor one of Nevada's largest populations of these majestic creatures.

This trail serves as a vital link between the Lake Mead National Recreation Area, the iconic Hoover Dam, and the charming Boulder City, while also providing convenient access to nearby attractions like Lake Las Vegas and the Clark County Wetlands Park through the Wetlands Trail Connector. Trail enthusiasts seeking to explore central Henderson can easily connect to the Equestrian North Trail, Lake Mead Parkway Trail, Equestrian South Trail, and Burkholder Trail.

While a portion of approximately 3.5 miles of the River Mountains Loop Trail follows the historic railroad track that once supplied materials for the construction of Hoover Dam from Boulder City, the trail seamlessly converges with the captivating Historic Railroad Trail at the Alan Bible Visitor Center within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area (10 Lakeshore Rd, Boulder City). From this shared trailhead, hikers can choose to venture north along the River Mountains Loop Trail towards Boulder Beach or head east on the Historic Railroad Trail, leading directly to the renowned Hoover Dam.

Apart from the 3.5-mile stretch along the former rail corridor, this beautiful trail is characterized by undulating terrain, incorporating several challenging hills that promise a gratifying workout for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an exhilarating trek.

Trail Access and Parking Facilities

Various access points and parking facilities are available along its route, including the Equestrian Park (Foothills Dr and Equestrian Dr, Henderson), Railroad Pass Hotel Casino (2800 S Boulder Highway, Henderson; upper parking lot), Lake Mead National Recreation Area Alan Bible Visitor Center (10 Lakeshore Road, Boulder City), and Bootleg Canyon Park (Yucca Street, Boulder City), the River Mountains Loop Trail ensures a seamless and convenient outdoor experience for all visitors.

Planning Your Hike


Embarking on a hiking journey with children can be both fun and educational. Keep them engaged by making a game out of spotting different animals or plants. Always prioritize their safety—ensure they wear protective gear, and choose trails best suited for their energy levels and curiosity.

Before setting off, familiarize yourself with the trail map. Decide on trailheads based on your family's hiking prowess, and remember to account for rest stops. Given Boulder City's sunny disposition, dressing in layers, wearing sunscreen, and carrying ample water is crucial for a comfortable hike.

While the trail is largely safe, it's essential to be prepared. Check for any trail updates or closures before heading out. Pack a first-aid kit, extra snacks, and perhaps a portable charger for emergencies. Remember, a well-prepared hiker is a safe hiker.

The trail isn't just about walking; it's about learning and fun. Engage your children with stories of local history, point out ancient petroglyphs, and plan a mid-hike picnic to rest and enjoy the surroundings. Plus, certain sections of the trail are open for equestrians and pet lovers, making it a versatile adventure spot for everyone in the family.

Explore Family-Friendly Hiking on the River Mountains Loop Trail

Boulder City's River Mountains Loop Trail is more than a hiking destination—it's a gateway to bonding, adventure, and the creation of cherished family memories. So, lace up those hiking boots, pack your essentials, and embark on a journey of discovery. The trail awaits your family's footprints.

Looking for more "hiking trails near me" or "hiking near me" in the Boulder City vicinity? Desert Adventures has your family covered. Explore, enjoy, and embrace the great outdoors! Contact us at (702) 293-5026 to plan your next family-friendly hiking adventure.

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