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It’s Leap Year - How Ribbiting!

First used by the Egyptians, then adopted by Julius Caesar, and finalized in the 15th century. The perfected form is what we all know as the Gregorian Calendar today. Leap years fall on the bissextile years, or every year that is a multiple of 4.

Our last leap year was in 2020, but with all that pandemic chaos most of us forgot - except those were born on this special day. Happy every 4 years birthday!

With this one day added to even out our calendar year we are given this extra time for today! So don't waste it! Do something fun and adventures today! Maybe even go try to find some frogs because, well, today is defiantly their day!

Finding frogs is easy for us in the Black Canyon! The Colorado River Toad, also known as the Sonoran Desert Toad (see photo) is a common resident in our outdoor office. Finding the oasis's in the desert all the way down to Mexico along the river. While hiking the hot springs canyons it is fun to come across these little green buddies, we must remember proper etiquette with wildlife. Do not harm or endanger any creatures you find in the wild. Only professionals with proper knowage should attempt to touch or handle any animal.

Photo Credit: Izzy Collett 2022

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