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3 Hours

KAYAK Safety & RESCUE Skills

This course introduces essential flatwater safety practices and rescue techniques. It is highly recommended for all paddlers, especially those leading groups, paddling solo or with strangers, or in remote areas.



$139 / Student


3 Hours

About the Course

This course introduces essential flatwater safety practices and rescue techniques that can be performed with a minimum of equipment, in the first few minutes of an emergency. Topics will include prevention, how to avoid potential dangers, and simple, low-risk rescue techniques.

Students will develop and practice key self-rescue skills to manage minor in-water incidents. Course participants should be comfortable paddling in conditions of up to one foot waves, 10 knot winds, and 2 knot current. Students should be in good health and overall fitness, possess solid swimming ability, and be comfortable in the water.

Dress appropriately for weather and water temperature, and expect to be in the water for extended periods of time. Recreational, sit-on-top or touring kayaks may be used, at the instructor's discretion. You will practice wet-exits, self-recovery, partner resuces, and ways to assist tired or weak paddlers.

We recommend reserving space early as we take a maximum of 10 participants in each class. If you would like to schedule a private class for your own group, advance notice is required.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Every paddler should have the skills to recover from a capsize, and know how to perform rescues when paddling in a group. For students planning to paddle in remote areas (such as Black Canyon), this class is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.



  • Paddlers with their own kayaks

  • Those who paddle in remote areas like Black Canyon

  • Group leaders, trip leaders, guides 

  • People who paddle with strangers


Wet exits, self recovery, partner rescues, assisting, sprayskirt use, communication signals, group management, safety, towing, avoiding hazards.


  • Must be able to fit into a 52" class III PFD approved by the US Coast Guard

  • Must be able to enter and exit the kayak with little to no assistance

  • Must be able to listen to commands and follow directions

  • Must  be 14 years of age and 100 lbs

  • Completion of Kayak 101 or instructor approval

What Should I Wear?

You will be able to leave your vehicle near the water's edge with all your belonging close at hand.  We recommend bringing a dry change of clothes for the drive home, because you will be getting wet.  If you have questions one of our friendly adventure staff can help guide you in the right direction.

Packing List

  • Water bottle and snacks

  • Shorts and shirt (not cotton)

  • Swimsuit (wear under clothes)

  • River sandals or water shoes

  • Dress in layers

  • Hat and sunglasses

  • Sunscreen

  • Swim goggles (optional)

  • Nose plugs (optional)

  • Whistle

  • Towel

  • Dry clothes for drive home

  • Pen & Paper for notes


Mahan Deeds

kayak_rescue_ 236_edited_edited.jpg


  • Professional Instructor

  • All classroom materials

  • Kayak

  • Paddle

  • PFD

  • Bilge pump 

  • Paddle float

  • Spray skirt

  • Certificate of completion​

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