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Explore the Southwest with Desert Adventures

This is Our Turf

We guide trips in some of the harshest, most rugged terrain in the United States. Rocks are sharp, plants are prickly, and water is scarce. It is magnificent and demanding and we absolutely love it.


Fiery sandstone and narrow canyons beg for exploration. Bike trails wind through giant tunnels, and kayakers float on emerald green waters of the Colorado River. Whether you want to learn a new wilderness skill or embark on an expedition, the southwest has something for every age, ability, and desire. So pick your passion and come play in our backyard. 

Let's do this. 

variety of Adventures

The vast landscapes of Las Vegas offer a mosaic of experiences, and at Desert Adventures, we've curated the best of these into unparalleled outdoor escapades:

moutain biking las vegas
mountain biking

Traverse historic trails, challenge yourself on thrilling singletrack routes in spectacular scenery, and feast your eyes on unparalleled panoramic views.

multi-day excursions

Immerse in the embrace of nature, with starlit skies above and the earth beneath - a truly unforgettable experience.

kayaking and canoeing las vegas


Whether it's the rhythmic dance of a kayak, the steady glide of a canoe, or standing tall on a SUP, we have it all.

field courses

Venture beyond the journey and master the essential wilderness skills with us.

hiking las vegas


Step by step, let nature narrate her tales as you explore breathtaking landscapes on foot.


At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to delivering authentic and enriching experiences during your kayak trip. We place a strong emphasis on maintaining smaller group sizes, offering personalized services, serving nourishing meals, and creating awe-inspiring adventures.

Our guides play a pivotal role in curating your journey. They come prepared with a wealth of skills, ensuring your experience is immersive and fulfilling. They share local histories, point out fascinating wildlife and geological features, and offer valuable guidance and insight.

In addition to their engaging personalities and unwavering support, our guides are true experts in their field. They possess the ability to manage potential risks and various variables, such as group dynamics and weather conditions. Equipped with wilderness medicine knowledge, satellite communication devices, waterproof AED and extensive first aid kits, they're well-prepared for any situation.

So whether your kayak adventure spans a few hours, a full-day kayak tour, or a multi-day river trip, choosing a guided experience guarantees you're in capable hands. Rest assured, we've got every aspect of your journey covered.

Why Choose Us

When choosing from our selection of professional guided kayak tours near Las Vegas, NV, including options like the Hoover Dam Kayak Tour, Willow Beach Kayak Tour, or the Emerald Cave Kayak Tour, here's how Desert Adventures sets itself apart:

  • Exceptional tour guides who are passionate, knowledgeable, and dedicated to making your experience memorable.

  • Access to premium equipment ensuring comfort, durability, and safety during your adventure.

  • Our unwavering commitment to safety, prioritizing your well-being throughout the journey.

  • Over a decade of experience translating the language of the wild into thrilling outdoor adventures for you to enjoy.

Visiting Las Vegas provides an excellent opportunity to explore the natural beauty of the surrounding area, and our guided kayak tours offer a unique and memorable way to do just that. Choose Desert Adventures for an unforgettable outdoor experience that combines knowledge, safety, and adventure into one remarkable journey.

Ready for the Adventure of a Lifetime?

Las Vegas is not just about casinos and glitz; it's an adventurer's dream. Dive into the heart of the desert, paddle through serene waters, and witness nature's wonders with us. Don't just visit—experience.

For inquiries or reservations, call (702) 293-5026.

"The river taught us how to listen with a silent heart, with a waiting open soul..."   
                                                                                           -- Hermann Hesse
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