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biking tour bootleg canyon las vegas

Peter Noble

mountain biking 


Experience the thrill of mountain biking through the captivating landscapes of the Las Vegas Valley with Desert Adventures. Our guided tours are a perfect blend of excitement and scenic beauty, designed for cycling enthusiasts of all skill levels. From the rolling River Mountains Trail to the historic paths leading to Hoover Dam, each ride promises an unforgettable journey.

Come experience one best bike paths in the Las Vegas valley.  This beginner friendly River Mountains bike trail will take you leisurely downhill toward Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Resting points along the way will allow for explorations, photos, and questions about the area.  A short stop at Heminway Park gives you the opportunity to see Bighorn Sheep, so don’t forget the camera! Ride your bike through five giant tunnels, where trains once transported concrete to the Hoover Dam 24 hours a day for two years.  Once at the Dam, we will take a break for lunch and then take some time to explore the Hoover Dam, snap some photos, or take the tour into the depths of this engineering wonder.

Our mountain biking adventure begins with some instructions on proper use of gears, brakes, and rider positioning. You’ll be fitted with helmets and bikes, before a quick practice session to make sure your bicycle is ready for the ride. The trail winds through Bootleg Canyon where the more adventurous can ride some singletrack.  Winding paths lead toward a thrilling downhill journey on the River Mountains Bike Trail, suitable for beginners (14+) offering scenic views of Lake Mead, Boulder City, and Bootleg Canyon. Along the route, rest stops allow for exploration of wildflowers, geology, and opportunities for those Instagram selfies and photographs.

Witness the elegance of local wildlife, including Bighorn Sheep, in their natural habitat at Hemenway Park. Keep your eyes peeled for the endangered desert tortoise, which can be spotted foraging near the trail. The bike trail also features a unique ride through five historic tunnels, adding an element of discovery to your adventure. The journey culminates at the Hoover Dam, where you can enjoy a well-deserved lunch break, capture stunning photos, and explore this engineering marvel.

Trip Details

Priced at $189 per person, our mountain biking trips provide a comprehensive experience from Boulder City to Lake Mead, concluding with a visit to the Hoover Dam. This isn't just a bike ride; it's a journey through some of the region's most iconic landscapes and historical sites.

Never Skip Leg Day: Biking Tour Inclusions

Our mountain biking tours are crafted to ensure an exciting and enjoyable experience. Each tour is led by a professional mountain bike guide, whose expertise not only enhances safety but also enriches your journey with insights into the trail's history and natural surroundings. The beauty of small group travel means our groups are small enough to allow you to ride at your own pace, but big enough to connect with others and create a good social vibe. The inclusion of a knowledgeable guide ensures that your mountain bike adventure is both thrilling and informative.

Mountain bikes are equipped with disc brakes, suspensions, and the essentials for riding on the trails. Mountain bike tours include a convenient daypack to carry your belongings, a nourishing lunch to keep your energy up, snacks for quick bites along the way, and ample bottled water to stay hydrated under the desert sun. These inclusions are carefully selected to provide comfort and sustenance throughout your ride.

To ensure a hassle-free experience, all permits and fees associated with the guided tour are included. This attention to detail allows you to focus purely on the enjoyment of your adventure, without the worry of logistical arrangements.

We also provide convenient round-trip transportation from certain hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, making your bike tour and access to and from the trailhead seamless and stress-free. This added convenience is part of our commitment to offering a complete and enjoyable biking experience.

Please note that while we strive to provide an all-encompassing service for bike tours, gratuity for our guides is not included in the tour price and is greatly appreciated for their dedicated service.


Never skip leg day.


  • Hiking Guide

  • Daypack

  •   Lunch and snacks

  • Bottled water

  • Permits and fees

  • Round trip transportation from Las Vegas

      (Gratuity not included)


      :All the above, plus  

  • Camping equipment

  • Any multi-sport equipment

  • All meals , kitchen, and cooking equipment


For adventurers looking to elevate their     experience, our multi-sport trips include the            following:   

(All the above, plus)    

  • Any multi-sport equipment

  • Necessary safety gear

  • Camping equipment

  • Sleeping bag, pad, pillow

  • All meals and snacks during trip

  • Kitchen equipment and cooking utensils

  • Personal mess kit

  • Bottled water

  • Transportation while on the tour

  • Park entrance fees

mountain biking tour lake mead

Peter Noble

At Desert Adventures, our professional biking guides are more than just trail leaders; they are instructors, educators, and supporters. Our intensive training program makes them competent to manage various situations, ensuring a fun and exciting outdoor adventure.

We specialize in unique adventures that feature spectacular scenery and interactions with wildlife, complemented by health-conscious meals and comfortable camping equipment.

Our focus is on creating authentic connections with nature and fellow adventurers. Away from the distractions of daily life, our tours offer genuine learning experiences and opportunities for bonding in the beauty of nature. Take time to reconnect with each other in nature. 

Ready for an adventure that combines physical exhilaration with natural beauty? "Let’s Do This!" on mountain bikes with Desert Adventures. To book your tour, call +1 (702) 293-5026 or email "Think Outside The Couch" and join us for an exciting mountain biking journey in Las Vegas.

“May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home.”  ― Trenton Lee Stewart

mountain biking tour las vegas
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