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Rainbow Kayaks on Lake Mead

Out ofMany... One

A Culture of Belonging

The folks who walk through our doors seeking employment are some of the most fascinating people on this planet. We make great efforts to promote inclusion and belonging at Desert Adventures. The word family can get tossed around lightly, but we form strong bonds here.  Like glue. 'Ohana.


We are proud to be a woman owned and operated business and a LBGTQIA+ friendly company. We believe diversity and acceptance are crucial to our evolution, both as a company and as a human race. Our retail location has gender neutral restrooms and our staff will exchange pronouns with you.  We challenge our unconscious biases, advocate for equity in the workplace, and practice leaning in.

We recognize the lack of racial and economic diversity in outdoor recreation. We celebrate and foster safe spaces where under respresented groups can discover the magic of nature.  We have tried to be as diverse in our website and marketing as we are in real life. We believe recreational opportunities can be available to everyone regardless of ethnicity, skin color, religion, age, weight, shape, ability, gender, or socio-economic status. 

bipoc paddler in a red kayak on lake mead

Mahan Deeds

Equity and Inclusion

Social Justice, The Wage Gap, and Opportunities for All

The last few years have given us time to reflect, pause, and challenge our own beliefs. Desert Adventures was fortunate to have founders who believed in fairness, respect, and helping people. In our current political and social climate, it is more important than ever to honor these qualities and lead by example. 

We use fair hiring practices, often looking beyond past job missteps or personal mistakes. We employ different genders in each department, and our company proudly celebrates our diversity. In an industry that is typically male dominated, over half our leadership team is female (including our owner). 

We believe in equal pay for equal work. Employees are rewarded based on their performance, skills, career length, and merit. Career development and cross-training are available for all employees. Desert Adventures is transparent with pay structures, which are posted both online and with all job descriptions. The wage gap between men and women still exists in the United States. We conduct regular pay audits and track wages to raise our awareness of any disparities.

Where opportunities exist, they are available to all.

We come to our jobs with a variety of backgrounds, education levels, and cultural dynamics. We possess physical, mental, and emotional differences. Equality means treating everyone the same (regardless of these differences). But to truly be equitable, some people may need an accomodation, slightly more assistance, or additional resources to provide the same opportunity for success.

At Desert Adventures, we strive for equitable.


We support
social justice,
ending racism and hate, and equal human rights.


For all.

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