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Zach Holmes

Professional Guide / Social Media


Winterpark, Fl



Favorite Trip:

Black Canyon

Zach (or Holmes as we call him) grew up in central Florida and east Tennessee. Like many of our staff, Zach spent a lot of time outdoors as a kid, and traveled a lot with his family on road trips. He also had a healthy dose of 2000’s TV, video games, VHS tapes and toy trains. His first outdoor adventure memory is playing in the nearby creek behind his church.

His first job was at the age of 13, working at a bookstore with his mom. He says his mom has had the biggest impact on him. “She’s taught me so much.” He values what he has learned from her and what traits she has passed on to him—including her love of collecting and thrifting… “It’s the closest thing to treasure hunting.”

Growing up with “only-child syndrome” made him into the artist he is today. He loves making videos, is an active youtuber and creates content for Desert Adventures’ various social media sites. In his free time, you can find him on the river, out exploring the desert or tagging along on our tours to get more footage for our next reel or post.

He’s most inspired by youtuber Casey Neistat. “Making movies has always been a dream. Casey made it seem attainable.”

Holmes considers himself an extrovert and a hippie—which is something you could easily deduce from his love for tie-dye, vintage clothes, and preservation of our natural lands and waters. While hiking or guiding, he likes to pick up trash, share his knowledge with others, and take in the views of the “wild outdoors”.

He likes working at Desert Adventures because it’s an opportunity for him to escape modern life, explore nature and share it with others. "It’s a family environment with lots of fun in the sun. I’m proud that I was able to save up, move to Vegas and find a job that I love!”

His perfect day off would consist of sun, water, good food and family. “I’ll cook, Ya’ll do the dishes.”

Zach Holmes


Hiking, Kayaking, Multi-Day River Trips


CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue


Favorite Candy: Twinkies
Favorite outdoor gear: CamelBak
Favorite hiking shoes: Chaco’s (wet) Timberlands (dry)
Bucket list: Seeing bioluminescent shrimp, Aurora Borealis
Craziest outdoor experience: Seeing the Milky Way
Podcasts: That Chapter, Hawk and Wolf, Ear Biscuits, Couples Therapy
Favorite Holiday/Season: Summer and Fourth of July “The food, fun, heat… it’s the best.”
Guilty Pleasure: Chili cheese hot dogs
Music: Pop, techno, dubstep, rock, bluegrass
Favorite Camping Game: Hacky Sack

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