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Steve Dessinger

Professional Guide / Instructor


Waterloo, Iowa



Favorite Trip:

It's hard to pick between rafting the Grand Canyon, month-long field courses in Boulder, Utah, or our Eldorado Gold multi-day canoe tour.

Steve was both born and raised in the great state of Iowa, which is situated between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. When he was just 18 years old, he was fortunate to discover guiding. His life-long wilderness career began in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, where he was responsible for leading 7-10 day canoe trips.

That was way back in 1988. For the next 3 decades, Steve found himself continually working in the outdoors and his resume is packed with experience as an outdoor educator, facilitator, and guide.

He has shared his expertise in places like Minnesota, Iowa, Ohio, The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, northeastern Vermont, the Sierra Nevada mountains, south central Utah and now Nevada.

Steve is a soft spoken and humble person, but his skills speak for themselves. He has a bachelor of science degree (BS) in Fisheries and Wildlife Biology from Iowa State University. During the summer season, he is a master instructor at a school in Utah where students learn primitive life skills during month-long field courses.

He designed and built his own off-the-grid home. Electricity, heating, refrigeration, and human waste management are all produced/processed on site.

Steve Dessinger


Primitive Skills Instructor, Kayaking, Canoeing, Multi-day River Trips, Rafting, Biking, Hiking, CPR/AED & First Aid Instructor,
Wilderness Medicine Instructor.


CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue, ASHI Wilderness Medicine Instructor.


Must-have item: My knife
Best hiking shoes: My conveyor belt sandals made with simple leather straps
Fav snack: Giant Peruvian Inca Corn from Trader Joe's
Little known fact: I have a private pilot's license

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