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Sasha Palmer

Reservation Specialist


Las Vegas, NV



Favorite Trip:

Kayaking Black Canyon

Sasha's love for the outdoors began as a kid, fishing often with her family. As an adult, she loves experiencing nature in new ways, whether it's kayaking the black canyon, taking a SUP on the lake or attempting a hike in her crocs (don't try this at home!). Her favorite thing to do while hiking is taking a moment to embrace the silence and stillness that you can't experience in the city.

In her free time, she enjoys going to festivals, journaling, yoga, shopping and cooking. All the things that make her feel good and be present in the moment.

What she loves about Desert Adventures, is being close to family, and nature at the same time.

Sasha Palmer


Hiking, Kayaking, SUP


CPR/AED, First Aid


Music: Bluegrass/folk, hyperpop, pop and psychedelic rock
Bucket List: Playing the banjo, speaking French fluently, taking a van on a road trip
Instrument she plays: Piano
Pets: Has a cat named Cleo
She likes abstract, optical illusion and surrealism art.
If she could have one superpower, it would be cosmic awareness.

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