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Neil Kesterson

Professional Guide / Instructor


Bakersfield, California



Favorite Trip:

Rafting the Grand Canyon

To quote Johnny Cash "I've been everywhere man.." would sum up Neil's childhood. As the "perpetual new kid" his youth was full of adventure, with new experiences and places to explore. His first outdoor adventure memory was at the age of eight, exploring the Dry Kern River Bed in Bakersfield with his brother, taking in the sight of a huge Rocky and Bullwinkle graffiti mural, and all the old cars stuck in the sediment.

His first job was at the age of 15 as a merit badge counselor at a Boy Scout camp. And at one time, he worked as a bicycle messenger in Dallas. He later became an avid biker completing multiple endurance races including the Mt. Charleston Hill Climb... twice! He even owned a bicycle shop here in Boulder City before joining our team.

Just like Neil's travels, his taste in music and hobbies are eclectic too. When he's not guiding, he's best known for his artwork which can be seen here at our Shop in Boulder city, or at many local exhibitions and events. His most prominent exhibit "Dories: Holding onto History" was recently displayed at the St. George Art Museum.

He is a father of five girls and when asked about the most challenging thing he's experienced, he said "Everything is a cakewalk compared to raising children!"

Neil is a big believer in kindness and loves getting to know his guests "I believe I can learn something from every person I meet. Each day I meet interesting people who expand my understanding of this amazing world."

Neil Kesterson


Biking, SUP, Hiking, Kayaking, CPR/AED & First Aid Instructor, Wilderness Medicine Instructor.


CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue, ASHI Wilderness Medicine Instructor


Favorite piece of outdoor gear: Expensive wood paddles and cheap sunglasses
Favorite candy: Dark chocolate
Last Book: Cadillac Desert
Bucket list: Completing a source to sea on the Colorado River, learning to surf or sail, give a TED talk
Craziest outdoor experience: Swimming Horn Rapid in the Grand Canyon on a cold December morning after his raft flipped
Loves cooking with the food he's grown in his garden
He's collected over a dozen instruments (none of which he knows how to play)
He has a pet dog, and a chicken

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