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Megan Burger

Reservation Specialist


New Jersey



Favorite Trip:

Gunlock and Black Canyon

Megan made her way to the west coast from New Jersey, stopping a few other towns along the way as her family moved a lot when she was a child. She eventually made her way to Boulder City when she grew a family of her own. She loves the small town feel but does miss the atmosphere and culture of her home-town.

As kids, she and her sister would spend time with their parents camping and four-wheeling. Her first outdoor memory is camping in Brian Head and finding a dead horse, half-eaten by nature.

She loves exploring and learning about the places she’s visited by spending time in their museums, and visitor centers. And when she’s kayaking on the river, she would be happiest when she’s swimming, fishing or exploring secluded places.

She’s most inspired by her mom. “She is wonder woman! And I try to be just like her.” As a mom and a step-mom herself, her children are her biggest pride and joy.

Her first job was at the age of 18 selling Native jewelry. Since then, she’s gained some valuable experience and skills at other companies, but said she’s found her new home at DA. “I’m excited to be working at Deset Adventures and not a large corporation. I work for a place that treats me like a person and not a number. I look forward to helping our happy customers plan their next trip, and I enjoy the environment here, the support I receive and the friendly staff.”

Her perfect day off would be spent with her family, by the water in nice weather and sunshine.

Megan Burger


Hiking, Kayaking


CPR/AED and First Aid, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace


Favorite candy: Recees
Bucket lisiting Germany
Last book: American Sniper
Favorite holiday/season: Halloween, fall. The cool weather, changing elements, seasonal drinks/food.
Music: Country, Rock, 90's
Pets: A dog named Maple
Biggest Fear: "Leaving earth and not having done enough"
Something she'd like to do better: Understand others
If she was an ice cream flavor, she'd be: Coffee with chocolate sprinkles
If she could teach children one thing it would be: Enjoy Everything!

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