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Luke Murray

Professional Guide


Summit, NJ



Favorite Trip:

I love multiday river trips like the Bighorn Classic and the Eldorado Gold canoe expedition. I want to visit/backpack all the American National Parks (I’m at 38 now).

Luke grew up in suburban New Jersey and rural Massachusetts, and has a brother named Connor.

"I grew up with parents who emphasized travel and respected the outdoors. From the time I was 7, to the time I was a counselor there at 16, each summer I went to an intensive outdoors camp where we canoed the Delaware, hiked the AT, climbed, biked, and everything in between. These experiences were fundamental in developing my lifelong love of the outdoors," said Luke.

"I love sharing my passion for the outdoors with people who are developing their own love for it. I relish the opportunity to instill good outdoor values and ethics and to share my personal experience with people while getting the chance to hear theirs. The sense of wonder on my guest’s face when I show them something that elicits the same response from me makes all of it feel worthwhile."

Luke is inspired by anyone fiercely pursuing their passions, especially in the outdoors. Luke confided, "My dad has always inspired me. He worked exceptionally hard to provide the best for my brother, my mom, and myself, and still made time for his passions and his curiosity. At 63 he backpacked the Sierras with me for the first-time last year; I hope to be trying new things at his age as well."

By working at Desert Adventures, Luke feels like he has a meaningful, tangible way to positively impact the outdoors. "It can be disheartening seeing the disrespect and ignorance displayed in wilderness spaces these days, and having the opportunity to share, educate, and engage with people is precious to me. It is also so nice to be surrounded by a community that feels the same way about protecting and engaging with the outdoors."

Luke Murray


Kayaking, Canoeing, Multi-day River Expeditions, Biking, Hiking, Canyoneering.


CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue


Fav candy: Reese’s cups all day every day
Fun game: Farkle!
Last book: The End Is Always Near
Best for hiking: LaSportiva TX Guide Approach Shoes
Broken bones: Shattered my wrist snowboarding. Now I can predict a storm!
Can't live without: UL backpacking tent
Must-do: Visit all 7 continents
Bucket List: Thru-hike the PCT
Something people don't know: I have a degree in Finance

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