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Gabriel Chavez

Professional Guide


Bay Area, California



Favorite Trip:

Our three day "Bighorn Classic" canoe trip in Black Canyon.

Gabe grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana and is one of six siblings. His childhood was filled with archery, fishing, hunting, and wading in creeks.
As a little Gabe, he wrestled, played hockey, and was pretty decent at soccer... making the All State team in Indiana.

Before he came to Desert Adventures he spent time guiding fly-fishing trips and working as a chef at some of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas. He would describe a perfect day as, "Fly fishing from sunrise to sunset." Gabe's enjoys birding in Black Canyon where you can sight eagles, falcons, and herons among other wintering and migratory birds.

He was once chased by a moose during a backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountains, and likes to tell that story around the campfire at night while roasting s'mores.

He was drawn into the outdoors while taking a semester at NOLS in the Wind River Wilderness. He now shares his passion and knowledge from the seat of his kayak on the Colorado River; educating guests about history, geology, and native fish.

When asked what he liked best about working at Desert Adventures, Gabe said, "It's not work when you get paid to do what you love."

Gabriel Chavez


Fly Fishing, Kayaking, Multi-day river trips, Biking, Hiking.


CPR/AED, Basic First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue


Nickname: "Just Gabe"
Favorite candy: Jolly Ranchers
Good Book: Emmett Fox - Daily Reading Positive Thinking
Totally Loves: Nature Photography
Inspired by: My sister Terri who was always up for a challenge
Favorite piece of gear: My PFD
Bucket list: Base Jumping

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