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Ethan Lush

Warehouse Crew / Field Support


Henderson, NV



Favorite Trip:

Black Canyon

From an early age, Ethan has been on the water and in the backcountry exploring all the hidden gems our area has to offer. His first outdoor adventure memory is seeing wild horses at Mount Charleston, but he’s seen so many other cool things since then. One particular memory is when he saw a rattlesnake swallowing down a live racer snake whole.

His dad —a former Desert Adventures guide —helped teach Ethan to paddle his own kayak by the age of five. He’s already paddled the Black Canyon over 50 times, and hasn’t even graduated high school yet!

When Ethan decided to get his first job, he knew Desert Adventures would be the perfect place. And it was an easy transition for him considering he already knew most of the staff!

When he’s not at work or in school, he likes to race mountain bikes competitively and has raced from Bootleg to Caliente. He’s most proud of his racing scores and his improvement in school over the years.

When asked who has had the biggest impact on him, or inspired him the most, he said his parents. He said his mom works so hard, and his dad has shared so much of the outdoors with him and that has shaped him into who is today.

His perfect day off would consist of sleeping all day.

Ethan Lush


Kayaking, Hiking, Mountain Biking


CPR/AED/First Aid


Favorite Candy: Whoppers
Bucket List: Skydiving
Hardest thing he’s been through: COVID, three times
Favorite Season/Holiday: Fall and Christmas. He loves the cold!
Pets: 3 dogs
Favorite Author: Gary Paulsen
Something most people don’t know: He can ride a Unicycle

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