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Office Manager / Reservations


Miami, Florida



Favorite Trip:

Scuba Diving, Hiking on Bonaire

Dominique spent much of her childhood on the road, traveling in the summer with her family's carnival business. During the school year, she was always at practice or a game as she played volleyball, softball and basketball most of her life. As she grew, she learned she had an appreciation for the silence and peace that nature provides. She loves hiking and exploring old ghost towns with her friends and family… “Nevada has over 600 ghost towns, so we’re never without an opportunity for a new adventure!”

Many of her first outdoor adventures were road trips while RV-ing from one carnival, one town, and one county fair to the next. She is most inspired by everyday people who have overcome incredible challenges. “I am always impressed when people have endured difficult things and still choose personal growth. I am also really inspired by kindness and try to embody these same characteristics.”

When asked about working for Desert Adventures she said… “I work for the best outdoor adventure company around. As employees, we are given opportunities for continuing education. We in turn share that knowledge with our guests when helping them plan their next adventure. I love being a part of a company that practices sustainability. We also educate guests about preservation and respect for our beautiful lands and its native roots. And it's pretty awesome that we get employee perks like kayaking on our days off.”



Hiking, Kayaking, SUP, SCUBA


CPR/AED, First Aid


Favorite candy: Hot Tamales and dark chocolate
Favorite piece of gear: SCUBA mask lanyard
Bucket list: “My bucket list is no longer a list of places and experiences, but instead a hope to always impact others in a positive way.”
Craziest outdoor experience: “Being used by a fish to hunt! I was on a night SCUBA dive off of Bonaire with my husband and brother-in-law, when we were surrounded by 6-foot tarpon. I realized they were following me, but only for the use of my flashlight. As soon as I pointed my light at a smaller fish, they gulped it down! I was amazed by the opportunistic intelligence of a fish. The world is full of wonder!”
Favorite thing to do while hiking and on the river: Searching for big horn sheep and hidden wildlife. I also love hiking to a remote location and finding a large boulder or cliff to sit and meditate on—taking in the sights and sounds of nature.”
Something most people don’t know about her: She’s a pretty good volleyball player and can walk on her hands.
Siblings: 2 (She also wanted to mention her two beautiful daughters, husband and large extended family).
Last Book: Born a Crime, by Trevor Noah
The Perfect Day Off: "Spending time with my family while hiking a new trail, or enjoying the river or lake."

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