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Adam Stewart

Professional Guide


Las Vegas, NV



Favorite Trip:

Black Canyon

Adam grew up in Arcadia California and spent most of his free time outdoors with his family or his scout group. His summers as a kid were often spent at the beach, on a trail or at a campsite with his parents, sister and cousin. He also considered himself a “jock and a geek” because he played football, ran track, played chess, was on the robotics team and was in French club.

His first outdoor adventure memory is going to a church camp in the Sierra Nevada Mountains where he climbed a mountain face to zip-line across a ravine. Since then, he’s had many memorable outdoor adventures, but one of the most wild was unintentionally walking over a Western Diamond Back rattlesnake on one of his boy scout trips.

He likes hiking or anything that gives him the chance to enjoy nature; but he especially loves water skiing—even in the winter!

When asked who inspires him most, he said “My mom. Despite facing massive adversity, she keeps pushing forward.”

He likes working at Desert Adventures because everyone is friendly and welcoming. As a guide he says, he enjoys being out in nature and sharing that experience with others.

His perfect day off would be out on the lake, water skiing with friends and family.

Adam Stewart


Hiking, Kayaking


CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue


Favorite Candy: Jolly Ranchers
Favorite piece of gear: His Knife
Bucket List: White water rafting down the Grand Canyon
Hiking shoes: Nike Combat 2.0
Broken bones: Thumb and toe
Siblings: One sister and one half-brother
Favorite Camping Game: German Spot Light
Last Book: Harry Potty & The Cursed Child

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