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3 hours

Emerald Cave Kayak Tour

Explore the stunning Emerald Cave in this short yet captivating tour. The clear waters and hidden gems of the cove make this a favorite for those seeking a quick escape into nature's embrace.

Emerald Cave Kayak Tour




3 hours

About the Experience

Our Emerald Cove trip launches from Willow Beach where the river bends before continuing downstream.

We will travel into a narrow section that contains tiny caves and outcroppings in the towering walls. Photography opportunities inside the caves vary with the season and time of day, but the green water can be breathtaking. Our focus is on experiencing the beauty of the canyon and the wildlife that calls it home.

The morning trips are quiet and less crowded, and bighorn sheep can be spotted. The midday trips are a lot busier, with refreshing water to cool you off.

This 3 hour kayak trip is the best option if you have limited time but still want great scenery. First timers and families will also appreciate the canyon.

It's time to see what the excitement is all about. Give us a call and let's get you on the water!


- Kayaking
- Wildlife Viewing
- Photography


Easy - Moderate (depending on wind)


Beginner friendly, family friendly, no previous experience required. Minimum age: 6+ years

Izzy Collett

Packing Your Gear

Come prepared. You could be traveling from the desert floor to mountain tops, and back down again. Temperatures can vary greatly, so it is best to be prepared for all types of weather conditions. We have put together a recommended gear list for you, to help make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Packing List

- Shorts or pants and shirt (not cotton)
- Dress in layers
- River sandals or water shoes
- Swimsuit (wear under clothes)
- Hat and sunglasses
- Towel (optional)
- Spending cash for souvenirs & tips*

In cooler months (Nov-March) add:
- Base layer (polypro, capilene, etc.)
- Fleece top (for warmth)
- Wool socks
- Windproof/rainproof jacket
- Ski type beanie/hat
- Gloves

* Gratuities for guides range from
10%-20% of trip cost

Chuckwalla looking for lunch

Izzy Collett

Kayaks on a sandy beach in Black Canyon

Scotty MacTavish


- High performance kayak with rudder
- Paddle and life vest
- All safety equipment
- Professional Guide
- Basic paddling instruction
- Bottled water
- A dry bag for your essentials

*Gratuity not included

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