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4 Hours


A beautiful stroll on the old railroad track to the Hoover Dam. Stunning lake views.



$149 / person


4 Hours

About the Experience

Get your legs moving on this historic trail through 5 railroad tunnels. This beginner hike is easy and leisurely, with views of the desert and Lake Mead along the way.

You will be hiking the same pathway that was historically laden with steel tracks where locomotives would haul aggregate toward the mixing plants. Although the railway no longer exists, the tunnels still lead to the Hoover Dam, rewarding hikers with shady stops and stunning views of the blue waters.

Wildflowers are common in spring and rainy monsoon months, whereas wildlife is constant year-round. Bats inhabit the tunnels, and you may come across desert tortoise, bighorn sheep, coyotes, foxes, or red-tail hawks. Lizards are commonly seen among the crags.

The Hoover Dam is viewed from either walking across it or from the bypass bridge just downstream. Enjoy lunch as you take in the sights and enjoy the view. This hike is roughly 5 miles, family friendly, and great for large groups looking for an easy hike that would suit all abilities. If you have questions, our friendly reservation staff can help.


- Hiking
- Scenery
- Wildlife
- Photography




Beginner friendly, great for families, no previous experience required. Recommended minimum age: 12+ years

Joyce Kehoe

Packing Your Gear

Come prepared. You could be travelling from the desert floor to mountain tops, and back down again. Temperatures can vary greatly, so be prepared for all types of weather conditions. We have put together a recommended gear list for you, to help make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Feel free to bring what suits your needs.

Packing List

- Dress in layers
- Hat and sunglasses
- Water Bottle / Nalgene
- Sunblock and Lip Balm (a must!)
- Cash for souvenirs and tips*

In cooler months (Nov-March) add:
- Base layer (polypro, capilene, etc.)
- Fleece top (for warmth)
- Wool socks
- Windproof/rainproof jacket
- Ski type beanie/hat
- Gloves

* Gratuities for guides range
from 10%-20% of trip cost

hikers placing feet inside state symbol near Hoover Dam

Joyce Kehoe

Beavertail cactus blooms in the desert

Joyce Kehoe


- Professional Guide
- Daypack
- Trekking poles
- Snacks, bottled water
- Lunch
- All permits, park fees
- Hotel transportation from Las Vegas Strip

*Gratuity not included

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