Zachery Moreno

Reservation Specialist


Henderson, Nevada

Favorite Trip:

Mountain biking through Bootleg Canyon, then connecting to the River Mountains and Railroad Tunnel trail.

Something most people don't know about Zachery, is that he is adopted. He grew up in Boulder City, Nevada where he was raised by "Nana". His life in inspired largely in part by his good friend Jared Darnell. Zachery says, "He taught me how to be me. To not worry so much."

Zachery's first outdoor memory was sitting around a campfire at night. When he was a young Zach, he fell and broke his wrist, but he "rubbed some dirt on it" and now has handwriting fit for a doctor's Rx pad.

As part of our reservation staff, he spends a lot of time answering questions and helping people find the perfect trip. If he tags along on a bike tour or a kayak trip, his smile gets... huge! He loves how being on the river makes a person feel free. And we will never lose track of him, because he whistles while he hikes.

Most days you can find Zachery at a gym, working out those feelings. But his hidden secret is his love of all things lazy. His perfect day off would consist of a couch or a bed, with movies and snacks... then hours and hours of sleep.

When asked what he thought about working at Desert Adventures, Zachery said, "I feel like I'm part of something big."

Zachery Moreno


Hiking, Paddling, Camping, Biking.


CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Aid, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue


Bucket List: Become a grizzly man
Good Movie: Paul
Favorite Candy: Butterfingers
Best Piece of Gear: Food
Best Hiking Shoes: Vans
Last Book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy