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Toz Gnall

Professional Guide


St. Joseph, Missouri



Favorite Trip:

Paddling St. Petersburg with manatees.

Though Toz was born in Missouri, he’s lived in Florida, Georgia, Texas and Alabama. He moved often throughout his life and learned not to get too attached to his place of residence. But as an adult, he realized he needed a change and moved out west where he felt he could pursue the life he’d always wanted. It wasn’t easy, especially when he and his fiancé Sai experienced homelessness trying to get on their feet.

Throughout his life, there were two people who were very important to him. His brother has been his biggest inspiration. “He has always been there for me, and he motivates me to never give up.” And Toz never did, even when “all hope seemed lost” he found a way though.

And he says his fiancé was the person who’s had the greatest impact on his life. “Sai has changed my life so much for the better.” He recalls meeting him at a gaming convention. “I’m a lifelong gamer. It all started with the Nintendo Entertainment System and the rest is history.”

When he’s not gaming or working, he’s usually outdoors volunteering his time with the park service or taking scenic photos while hiking. He also enjoys bike riding. In fact, riding a bike was his first outdoor adventure memory. “I fell a lot but was determined to get it right!”

He enjoys working for Desert Adventures because he can be outdoors and meet people from around the world.

His perfect day off would consist of playing video games with Sai and exploring new things to do.

Toz Gnall




CPR/AED, Basic First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue


First job: Grocery story attendant at age 16
What makes you feel the most accomplished: having a positive impact on someone’s life.
Favorite candy: Andes Mints
Favorite piece of outdoor gear: UV sun shirts
Bucket list: visiting as many countries as possible and experiencing different cultures
Craziest outdoor experience: SCUBA diving off the coast of Venice Florida. “Seeing hammerhead sharks close in murky water was intense!”
One thing I’d want to do better: Worry Less
Favorite podcast: The Deprogram
Favorite Holiday/Season: Halloween (I love spooky month) and fall/winter. The milder temps bring a welcome change.
If I could teach one thing to a child: Always try to help someone in need.
Favorite camping game: Cards Against Humanity
Netflix: Breaking Bad, Castlevania, Squid Game
Music: Pop, Rap and Indie
Art: Video game art direction
Pet peeves: Shoes in the house

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