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Satara Cooley

Professional Guide / Instructor


Detroit, Michigan



Favorite Trip:

Kayak camping on the river

Satara was born in Detroit, Michigan and raised outside of Canton Ohio. Her childhood was filled with adventures, playing outside until the street lights came on, or traveling with her family to Cedar Point, Kings Island and Sea World during spring break and summer vacations. She moved to Las Vegas to be close to her older brother who she shares a birthday with. Her first outdoor memory was riding down the sliding board at Belle Island with the whole family. “Those were the good times.” she says.

She is most inspired by her mother and children. “My mother exposed me to so many cool adventures. She was known as a “Road Warrior” jumping on the freeway in a minute to visit family in different states or at different amusement parks. My children also inspire me. I wanted to give them a taste of my mother’s restless spirit, so I took them fishing, camping, and bike riding. We also volunteered with the Pop Warner Football and Cheer, and Girl Scouts.”

Satara loves kayak camping on the river. And her favorite thing to do while hiking is to find an area to sit any close her eyes while taking in the history of her location. She often wonders “How was it 600 years ago? How did the indigenous people live off the land?”

Satara says working at Desert Adventures “…is by far one of the best places I’ve worked. We laugh so hard and work together as a team. The thoughtfulness and consideration is the best I have experienced in any outdoor industry.”

Satara loves guiding and sharing beautiful Nevada with our guests—especially for their first time. “Nine times out of ten, guests say ‘I never thought Nevada had so many beautiful places and cool things to do outside!’”

Satara Cooley


Backpacking, Hiking, ACA Kayak Instructor


CPR/AED, First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace, Kayak Safety & Rescue, ACA Kayak Instructor


Favorite candy: Pay Days
Favorite piece of gear: My kayak and Garmin Watch
Bucket List: Paddling from Hoover Dam to Davis Dam
Favorite hiking shoes: Brooks Casadias
Broken Bones: None
Siblings: 3
Favorite camping game: “I am too busy cooking. I love cooking outdoors. Whoever is with me is eating good.”
Perfect day off: Any day on the River

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