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Blake Knighton

Professional Guide


Salt Lake City, Utah

Favorite Trip:

Blake was born in Salt Lake City Utah and grew up playing just about any sport he could sign up for – golf, baseball, football, tennis, soccer, wrestling and more. He says though, that as he grew, he learned that his true passion is anything and everything outdoors.
His love for the outdoors started on his first adventure backpacking in snowy northern Wyoming with his grandfather at the age of eight. And it’s in these adventures that our guides like Blake, learned to appreciate their experiences and in turn passionately share them with others.
“My favorite thing about guiding is the people you get the privilege of meeting, educating, and inspiring! I love when people who don’t normally get to experience the outdoors, find that they love it so much… What makes me excited about working at Desert Adventures is the people I will meet, the beautiful country I will get to see and most importantly, the privilege of saying I work for such a great company!”
The craziest thing Blake experienced outdoors was elk hunting in central Utah, where he spotted a mountain lion in the tree above him.
Two people who inspire Blake: Rich Froning, 8x winning Crossfit Champion, and Blake’s dad, who gave him the strong work ethic he has today.

Blake Knighton



CPR/AED, First Aid, Epi-Pen Administration, Leave No Trace


Favorite candy: Nerds Cluster
Favorite piece of gear: Life Straw
Bucket List: Traveling to every state in the nation and visiting all 7 continents
Favorite thing to do on the river: Splash whoever’s around me! J/k
Favorite thing to do while hiking: Making it to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise and sunset.
Favorite hiking shoes: Hoka or Saloman
Something most people don’t know about Blake: He loves to play chess, and read.
Broken Bones: None, but separated AC joint in shoulder
Favorite camping game: Catch Phrase
Last Book: Service by Marcuss Littrel
Perfect day off: Going to the gym, sleeping in, playing softball and cooking steak.

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