Birdie Bailey

Reservation Specialist


Conway, NH

Favorite Trip:

From a young age, Birdie experienced outdoor sports such as skiing and white water rafting. She grew up surrounded by nature and animals, which is why she is most inspired by Jane Goodall.

Her first outdoor memory was swimming in the beautiful lakes and rivers near her hometown. She is a powerhouse when it comes to paddling, and loves a good challenge. When she joined the Desert Adventure team, she couldn't wait to share her love of nature with others and see what new places she could find in the Nevada desert.

Birdie Bailey


Hiking, Kayaking


CPR/AED, First Aid


Favorite candy: Reese’s
Favorite piece of gear: Helmet
Bucket List: Rafting the Grand Canyon
Craziest thing experienced outdoors: Almost drowning on a solo paddle when capsizing in a strong current
Favorite hiking shoes: Salomons
Favorite camping game: Cards Against Humanity
Favorite thing to do while hiking and on the river: Taking pictures and swimming
Siblings: 1
Last Book: Paleo Diet
Perfect day off: “No stress or obligation. Put me on the water!”